A little bit about me

My love for photography began when I discovered the developing darkroom in High School. Learning to use a film camera was a unique challenge that had me hooked.

I worked in the cinema industry for years in Gold Class and also became a projectionist. Those years afforded flying lessons to follow my dream of becoming an airline pilot. I flew solo and loved the experience but ultimately chose to pursue my creative side.

I studied graphic design and advertising before graduating with a designer position in aviation news publishing. However, after a few years my love of photography made me leave to start my own business.

My approach

When I think back, the years at cinemas resulted in two things – a love for cinematography but also the importance of great customer service. That skill has become invaluable when photographing people.

I believe my interactions make all the difference in helping you feel more comfortable, resulting in better photographs.

I use digital or film cameras depending on the project. I love the film aesthetic and approach my digital editing with that look in mind. I always make extra effort to travel to places that represent your story best.

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