Connie Cao in St Kilda

On my last trip down to Melbourne, my friend Sutejo introduced me to Connie Cao. She's the talented girl behind the brand K is for Kani. We had a great time along the St Kilda boardwalk before we stopped for a late lunch. We took some casual portraits and she danced around in the wind. I love being by the beach and St Kilda is about as good as it gets in Melbourne city.

A Sunday morning with Nio and Daisy

Nio found her Dalmatian, Daisy advertised online for adoption. When Nio saw the photos of her she fell in love. Daisy had been living on an avocado farm in Queensland. The initial buyers had backed out due to her being too small to breed or enter into dog shows. The breeder had also discovered that Daisy had a heart murmur. Luckily, after three months, Daisy had grown out of the heart murmur and is now healthy. They now live together in Bondi.

It's so important to have photos with your pets. They are family and life is so precious. I am happy that I was able to capture the special bond they share together.