A Sunday morning with Nio and Daisy

Nio found her Dalmatian, Daisy advertised online for adoption. When Nio saw the photos of her she fell in love. Daisy had been living on an avocado farm in Queensland. The initial buyers had backed out due to her being too small to breed or enter into dog shows. The breeder had also discovered that Daisy had a heart murmur. Luckily, after three months, Daisy had grown out of the heart murmur and is now healthy. They now live together in Bondi.

It's so important to have photos with your pets. They are family and life is so precious. I am happy that I was able to capture the special bond they share together.

An Afternoon with Kiara Rose

Two days before before Kiara flew to the United States to marry the love of her life David, we caught up for the afternoon in Camden. It's funny, we have lived in a similar area of Sydney for years but never crossed paths until weeks before she moved. The photography world is so small in Sydney, especially once you step outside of the city. I had come across Kiara's beautiful photography a long time ago but didn't realise how close by she lived. We had a lot to catch up on in such little time.

I wanted to take a few portraits before she disappeared. But how do you go about taking photos of another photographer? I brought along the Leica and used the mystery of film to my advantage. Film allows you to stay in conversation easier as there's fewer distractions when not reviewing photos. It turns out Kiara had her Instax camera so we had photos to review after all! She left with a bit more knowledge of film and I have since bought my own Instax.