Festival of the Winds at Bondi Beach

One day a year is reserved for Australian and international kite flyers to meet on the sand of Bondi beach. They showcase their skills with a variety of designs from animal shapes, fighter kites, box kites and flowers. The display encourages thousands of people to look up to the sky to witness a sea of flying colours. It’s a family event that brings people together of all ages to admire these functional pieces of art.

Luckily it was a stunning day. The sun was shining and just as importantly, there was a breeze to lift the kites. Traffic was chaos and finding a place to leave the car proved almost impossible. I was left with just over an hour to run around capturing these photos. 

I’m always drawn to documenting how people interact with events. Sometimes the characters attending are more entertaining than the event themselves. This time there was no shortage of spectacle. Fortunately the people I found on the ground were just as amusing as the kites above. Many chose to cool off by visiting the famous Bondi Icebergs pool after getting their fix of the kites. The atmosphere is always buzzing with life and energy. Bondi never disappoints!