An Afternoon with Kiara Rose

Two days before before Kiara flew to the United States to marry the love of her life David, we caught up for the afternoon in Camden. It's funny, we have lived in a similar area of Sydney for years but never crossed paths until weeks before she moved. The photography world is so small in Sydney, especially once you step outside of the city. I had come across Kiara's beautiful photography a long time ago but didn't realise how close by she lived. We had a lot to catch up on in such little time.

I wanted to take a few portraits before she disappeared. But how do you go about taking photos of another photographer? I brought along the Leica and used the mystery of film to my advantage. Film allows you to stay in conversation easier as there's fewer distractions when not reviewing photos. It turns out Kiara had her Instax camera so we had photos to review after all! She left with a bit more knowledge of film and I have since bought my own Instax.

Bianca Baykara - Film

I recently caught up with talented performing artist and model Bianca Baykara to create portraits for her upcoming interview in my "conversations" series. Spending time with Bianca was an absolute pleasure and it was one of the most effortless portrait sessions to date. We shared plenty of laughs as we walked our way from Manly to Shelly beach. As I have fallen in love with film again this year, I had to bring a roll to shoot alongside my digital photos. Presented here are the 35mm Fuji Pro 400H film results.

Michael and Philippa - Couple

We decided to meet on the sand of Bondi Beach late one afternoon. The light was beautiful and provided us with nice muted colours. After exploring the beach, we walked up the hill to view the ocean. At this time the sun was setting, bathing everything in a pink hue. We then had a surreal moment of witnessing a moonrise over the ocean. It was a joy to see and preserve for this wonderful couple.

This was a hybrid shoot where I used film alongside digital. 
See the resulting digital photos including the moonrise here!

Below are the film results.

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